My real estate career began in 1977, shortly after I moved here from Mainz, Germany, a beautiful city on the Rhine River. English quickly became my first language as I began selling and managing property in Texas, Georgia and Alabama. By the time I moved to San Francisco I was ready to hit the ground running and rapidly became a top producer, selling property all over this gorgeous city.

Over the years I’ve put together every kind of deal with every kind of investor. If it’s got dirt under it, I’ll work it and am as tenacious as a terrier when it comes to getting you the best price on a sale or purchase. I also have a strong analytical bent and actually enjoy interpreting the particulars of a real estate contract.

At the same time however, I am never pushy. I don’t believe in trying to make somebody buy or sell before they’re ready and treat all of my clients with respect regardless of their price range. If you’re buying I am committed to only representing you on a property I myself would buy were I in your shoes. I also want to be proud to list your property in the future if and when you are ready to sell. This long-term strategy almost always results in my Sellers getting more than they expected. I also believe that while a real estate transaction is a significant event, it shouldn’t rule your life. This means that while I am committed to staying in touch and keeping you fully apprised, I will also remain sensitive to your personal needs, accommodating to your lifestyle and schedule, and promise to leave you in control of the situation.

Today a huge number of my clients remain in my life as I now sell real estate to their friends, loved ones, and now grown children. I appreciate this because it means that their real estate experience with me was a positive one.

I am affiliated with Corcoran Global Living (Formerly Zephyr Real Estate)